Hands-on: HTC One M9 Active Pro case let's you work and play in the rain

There's a certain freedom that comes with using a waterproof, shock-proof case and the one for the HTC One M9 is fantastic.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I enjoy running, cycling, and using my smartphone wherever I may be, which often means outside in the rain. When I first heard that HTC would be releasing a waterproof case, I saved up my 25 percent coupon that was offered due to delays in shipping in order to purchase one.

Last week, the HTC Active Pro Case appeared on the HTC website so I purchased one and spent this weekend with it.

The HTC Active Pro Case is available for $79.99 and offers shock and water resistance in a slim, attractive form factor. You get an IPx8 waterproof rating and IP6X dust-proof protection with the case. It has a MIL-STD 810F-516 shock proof rating to survive 2-meter drops too. The screen protector is integrated into the front as well.

The case comes with yellow highlighted trim with dark gray plastic on the remaining portions.

It's a simple two piece case solution and I have to say it was much easier to install the M9 than in most all of the other waterproof cases I have tested in the past. It was so easy that I didn't trust the waterproof integrity.

HTC includes a waterproof test paper with edges that will change color if any water leaks in. I highly recommend you use this in the case and then submerge it to verify that you are using the case correctly. The paper passed my underwater tests.

HTC Active Pro waterproof case for the HTC One M9

You simply rest the HTC One M9 in the back piece and then snap the front piece securely around all of the edges. There is an O-ring embedded in the front piece with other waterproof membranes and seal pieces around the speakers, cameras, microphones, and physical buttons.

There are rubber gaskets and doors on the bottom for the microUSB port and headset jack. The one challenge I did have was finding a microUSB cable that fit into the bottom opening. My headphones fit into the jack without needing an extension.

The side power and volume buttons were easy to manipulate with the rubber covers. I also really like that the edges have soft rubber to improve your grip on the HTC One M9.

Screen protection is integrated into the case. It's a glossy plastic protector and I didn't notice any real impact on touch sensitivity or performance.

You will find HTC used anti-reflective material for both the front and rear cameras so that camera performance was not impacted when using the case. There is even a clear opening for the IR port so you can control your TV while using the case.

I am very impressed with the design of the case and pleased with the purchase. It is lightweight, hardly adds any bulk to the M9 package, and looks great. I highly recommend this case if you have an HTC M9 and plan to use it outside in the elements.

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