Have Apple Watch questions? Apple's guided tour videos provide the answers

The Apple Watch launches in a few weeks, but given the new user interaction and controls there are still many questions about how it really works. Apple's new video are very helpful and informative.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

The upcoming Apple Watch is a new product for Apple with a rather unique smartwatch user interface. To help potential buyers, Apple started posting new guided tour videos.

It looks like ten videos are planned with three currently available for your viewing. The three available now include messages, watch faces, and digital touch. I was unable to play them on my Chromebook so watched them on my iPhone 6 Plus.

I learned quite a bit in the messages video, especially in regards to how the digital crown works in partnership with the touchscreen. There seems to be a lot of bouncing around between the two interaction methods, which makes tutorial videos like this even more important to consumers.

The remaining seven videos include phone calls, Siri, maps, music, Apple Pay, activity, and workout.

Even though I plan to purchase an Apple Watch, primarily because I am a fan of wearables and want to write about my experiences here, I found these videos very useful and informative. They are exactly what people need as we get closer to the Apple Watch release as they answer many questions I had about how everything works.

Apple Watch, in pictures

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