Hit the road with a Samsung Galaxy tablet: VMware brings second screen support to Samsung DeX

Millions rely on VMware's Horizon application to access work computers and get work done away from the office. Samsung and VMware now support two screen usage through Samsung DeX.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Samsung recently announced its new Galaxy Tab S8 lineup with prices starting at $699.99 up to $1,099.99. One of the first things people do when a new device is released is to compare it with others and the Samsung Galaxy tablets are always compared to the Apple iPad. One distinguishing function that iPads lack is Samsung DeX.

Image: Samsung

Samsung DeX greatly enhances the functionality of Samsung's Android tablets and phones, especially for those who work on the road or need to connect to other devices outside of the office. Along with the new Samsung tablets, VMware announced Extended Display via its VMware Horizon client that now lets customers use the tablet or smartphone as a second screen with the main VMware Horizon experience output onto a large monitor via a wired or wireless connection.

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Last year, I went on a couple of business trips where I was unable to use my work-issued Microsoft Surface Pro 6 because I failed to bring along the Surface charger. I was traveling with a Tab S7 Plus and simply fired up VMware Horizon to get work done. Now with the new Samsung DeX Dual Mode feature, I can improve my productivity by having both the Tab S7 Plus and connected external display provide essential information to get work done.

Users can now have the VMware Horizon client open and running on both displays or even have Android content on the tablet accessible with the VMware Horizon environment working with a mouse and keyboard on the larger external monitor. This capability to extend the display has been something that users have requested since DeX launched in 2017 so it is great to see Samsung continue to work with companies like VMware to optimize Samsung devices for the enterprise environment.

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