How ServiceTitan plans to become an 'OS for the trades'

The company enables contractors to streamline operations and provide better service for their construction customers.
Written by Chris Preimesberger, Contributor

Managing a home construction or remodel project with a general contractor (and myriad sub-contractors) has always been challenging. Spreadsheets, paper notes, texts, and phone messages are the disparate dots that need to be connected for any good communication to happen.

But coordinating all of them can be naggingly frustrating.

Now there are apps to connect those items and make the process much more efficient. One of them is ServiceTitan, a cloud-based software platform maker that describes its main product as an "operating system for the trades." It's a cloud-based SaaS company built to enable trades businesses, and it competes in the same market as Jobber, Housecall Pro, and Salesforce Field Service.

"Our co-founders [Ara Mahdessian and Vahe Kuzoyan] literally built this company to help their fathers, who had always worked in the trades," Sendur Sellakumar, SVP at ServiceTitan and former Chief Cloud Officer at Splunk, told ZDNet. "They saw a giant disconnect in the way trades had to do business and decided to address it." 

The Glendale, California-based company today unveiled a new suite of functions purpose-built for trades businesses who work in the construction market. Using these new services, tradespeople can manage their full subcontractor lifecycle and integrate construction projects, empowering them to increase revenue, streamline operations, and ultimately provide an elevated level of service for their construction customers. 

"With the launch of these new capabilities for construction-focused tradespeople, we aim to deliver a superior subcontractor experience that enables our customers to capture additional revenue streams and address additional segments of the trades market," Sellakumar said.

This launch follows significant investments the company has recently made in the landscaping and pest control industries, ultimately empowering more tradespeople in both residential and commercial sectors.

"Tradespeople work tirelessly to deliver essential services, yet they are still feeling the burden of having to manage a mishmash of point tools at the expense of their business. They could benefit significantly from the digital transformation ServiceTitan has enabled for thousands of businesses," he added.

Expanded platform for construction, service, replacement

ServiceTitan addresses pain points for trades businesses that provide construction services as well as perform service and replacement jobs, Sellakumar said. Previously, these businesses were forced to physically organize those spreadsheets, texts and paper notes, making important tasks time-consuming and cumbersome. 

ServiceTitan's new construction capabilities allow trades businesses to:

  • Better utilize time: Capture, manage, and track job costs, job progress, labor, and materials -- all in one place.

  • Drive higher profit margins: Keep costs in check and manage resources effectively with job tracking that provides real-time visibility.

  • Simplify billing and payment processes: Review, approve, and pay invoices by generating payment applications that bill progressively for work completed throughout a construction project -- all while following American Institute of Architecture (AIA) guidelines, the industry standard used by contractors for progress billing.

"We built ServiceTitan to bring technology to the tradespeople that big tech has either underestimated or overlooked," Mahdessian, CEO and co-founder of ServiceTitan, said in a media advisory.

ServiceTitan, valued at $9.5 billion with more than $1 billion in funding, is designed for contractors (HVAC, plumbing, electrical) to run their businesses.

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