HPE tells users to patch SSDs to prevent failure after 32,768 hours of operation

HPE SAS SSD users need to install a critical firmware patch or they'll lose their SSDs, including their data.
Written by Catalin Cimpanu, Contributor
HPE Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) warned customers last week to install a critical firmware patch to prevent SAS SSDs (Serial-Attached SCSI solid-state drives) from permanently failing after 32,768 hours of operation -- which is 3 years, 270 days, and 8 hours.

"After the SSD failure occurs, neither the SSD nor the data can be recovered," HPE said, clearly suggesting that device owners need to install the firmware patch if they want to keep using their devices past the 32,768-hour deadline.

Users who keep data backups on different drives will be able to recover their data, but the HPE SSD will be unrecoverable, according to HPE.

Impacted SAS SSD models are listed in the table at the bottom of this article.

HPE said some SSD models are sold as standalone products, but others are also incorporated inside other HPE products -- such as ProLiant, Synergy, Apollo, JBOD D3xxx, D6xxx, D8xxx, MSA, StoreVirtual 4335, and StoreVirtual 3200.

The hardware maker said it learned of this bug from another SSD manufacturer, but did not name the company who found the issue.

The bug affects all HPE SAS SSDs with a firmware versions prior to HPD8. Upgrading the SSD firmware to version HPD8 fixes the problem, HPE said.

Some SAS SSD models have received a patch on November 22, while a second set of SSD models will get their patches during the week that starts on December 9, next month.

Firmware download links are available in the official HPE advisory, along with instructions on how to apply the firmware update, and how to check an SSD's uptime and see how many hours companies have at their disposal to schedule a maintenance window to apply the updated firmware.The HPE advisory also includes a full list of HPE products that incorporated the vulnerable SAS SSDs.

This entire issue is eerily similar to what happened to Intel earlier this year when the company found out that two SSD models (D3-S4510 and D3-S4610) also contained a bug that would brick the device after 1,700 cumulative hours spent in idle mode. Per Reddit, some HPE SSD owners have already had storage drives die out.

PE Model Number HPE SKU HPE SKU DESCRIPTION HPE Spare Part SKU HPE Firmware Fix Date
VO0480JFDGT 816562-B21 HP 480GB 12Gb SAS 2.5 RI PLP SC SSD 817047-001 11/22/2019
VO0960JFDGU 816568-B21 HP 960GB 12Gb SAS 2.5 RI PLP SC SSD 817049-001 11/22/2019
VO1920JFDGV 816572-B21 HP 1.92TB 12Gb SAS 2.5 RI PLP SC SSD 817051-001 11/22/2019
VO3840JFDHA 816576-B21 HP 3.84TB 12Gb SAS 2.5 RI PLP SC SSD 817053-001 11/22/2019
MO0400JFFCF 822555-B21 HP 400GB 12Gb SAS 2.5 MU PLP SC SSD S2 822784-001 11/22/2019
MO0800JFFCH 822559-B21 HP 800GB 12Gb SAS 2.5 MU PLP SC SSD S2 822786-001 11/22/2019
MO1600JFFCK 822563-B21 HP 1.6TB 12Gb SAS 2.5 MU PLP SC SSD S2 822788-001 11/22/2019
MO3200JFFCL 822567-B21 HP 3.2TB 12Gb SAS 2.5 MU PLP SC SSD S2 822790-001 11/22/2019
VO000480JWDAR 875311-B21 HPE 480GB SAS SFF RI SC DS SSD 875681-001 Week of 12/9/2019
VO000960JWDAT 875313-B21 HPE 960GB SAS SFF RI SC DS SSD 875682-001 Week of 12/9/2019
VO001920JWDAU 875326-B21 HPE1.92TB SAS RI SFF SC DS SSD 875684-001 Week of 12/9/2019
VO003840JWDAV 875330-B21 HPE 3.84TB SAS RI SFF SC DS SSD 875686-001 Week of 12/9/2019
VO007680JWCNK 870144-B21 HPE 7.68TB SAS 12G RI SFF SC DS SSD 870460-001 Week of 12/9/2019
VO015300JWCNL 870148-B21 HPE 15.3TB SAS 12G RI SFF SC DS SSD 870462-001 Week of 12/9/2019
VK000960JWSSQ P06584-B21 HPE 960GB SAS RI SFF SC DS SSD P08608-001 Week of 12/9/2019
VK001920JWSSR P06586-B21 HPE 1.92TB SAS RI SFF SC DS SSD P08609-001 Week of 12/9/2019
VK003840JWSST P06588-B21 HPE 3.84TB SAS RI SFF SC DS SSD P08610-001 Week of 12/9/2019
VK003840JWSST P11329-B21 HPE 3.84TB SAS RI LFF SCC DS SPL SSD P11360-001 Week of 12/9/2019
VK007680JWSSU P06590-B21 HPE 7.68TB SAS RI SFF SC DS SSD P08611-001 Week of 12/9/2019
VO015300JWSSV P06592-B21 HPE 15.3TB SAS RI SFF SC DS SSD P08612-001 Week of 12/9/2019
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