​Hyundai developing own 'Ironman' suit

South Korean automobile giant Hyundai is developing its own 'Ironman' suit exoskeleton that it hopes will be used in diverse industries such as military and medical, with the ultimate goal to make it a transportation tool.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

(Image: Hyundai)

Hyundai Motor Group, the world's fifth-largest car manufacturer, is developing its own 'Ironman' suit for use for various industries and rehabilitations.

The South Korean automobile giant unveiled the "wearable robot" -- as it calls it -- in its blog, naming it after the Marvel Studios hero.

The blue-coloured robotic exoskeleton can increase labour efficiency and lessen work injuries by reducing physical strains on workers' backs and knees, Hyundai said. It can also handle heavy lifting to around 100 kilograms, the company added.

The robot will also allow soldiers to endure long distances and move quickly, even while wearing the gear.


It will also be used for seniors and the disabled, as well as rehabilitation for the injured.

The ultimate goal, however, is to have the suits part of what it calls "Next Mobility", or future transportation tools.

Hyundai said it is developing the robot for commercial use, but did not reveal a specific date when it would be commercialised.

The South Korean automobile giant last month announced an alliance with Cisco to build "computers on wheels" to tap into the growing connect car industry.

It said last year that it aims to build fully autonomous cars by 2030.

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