​Hyundai to build datacentre in China for connected cars

South Korean car giant Hyundai's datacentre in Guizhou, China will start operations in June 2017 and will be the hub for its connected cars in the country.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Hyundai will build a datacentre in Guizhou, China that will began operations in June of next year, the South Korean car giant has announced.

The province of Guizhou was designated by the government as a strategic location for big data businesses last year and offers incentives for companies to build centres there.

The US's Amazon and Chin's Baidu also have offices in the area.

Hyundai, the world's fifth-largest car maker when combined with affiliate Kia Motors, plans to build more overseas datacentres to offer better connected car services. The company also hopes to keep up with the trend by cooperating with IT firms housed there.

Hyundai will also collect car information and social data in China to develop connected cars catered to the local population. The company signed an MOU with Cisco there for co-development for connected cars, an extension of their agreement back in April to co-develop a car network and security technology.

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