I can type 54 WPM on my iPhone

How fast can you type on your iPhone? Users have hit 88 WPM using itextspeed.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

One of the big questions I always get asked is how I can type so fast on the iPhone. It seems that most people either can't type very fast on the iPhone or just can't believe how fast I type on it.

I used to think that I was a pretty fast typist until I came across this video on YouTube. It seems that the creator of the video used the iPhone app itextspeed and clocked himself typing 81 WPM on his iPhone. His 81 WPM has since been beaten by Kyle Ota, who according to his latest twitter post via the itextspeed app, has now hit 88 WPM.

A cool feature of the itextspeed app is that it gives you the instant ability to brag, via either Twitter, Facebook or FriendFeed. I chose to share via Twitter and it put this up for me:

just texted 54 WPM in a 30s game of iTextSpeed for iPhone and iPod Touch. Check it out! http://itextspeed.com #iTextSpeed

The itextspeed app is 99 cents (or there's a lite version) so if you want to join in the fun go to itextspeed.com.

I clock in around 94 WPM on my keyboard so I think it's game on for me and the iPhone. Kyle Ota, I'm coming for you!! Also, I'll have to fire up some other typing trackers on other smartphones and see how I do. The iPhone has a great predictive text engine, which is probably helping out a lot.

See the previous record holder in action below.

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