IBM brings its cloud to Mexico

IBM's SoftLayer cloud services find a home in the rapidly expanding Latin America market.
Written by David Chernicoff, Contributor

IBM continues its $1.2 billion investment in cloud computing a bit closer to home after recent announcements focusing on new European data centers with the opening of their first SoftLayer cloud data center in Mexico.


Customers needing to have location-sensitive data stored near at hand or looking to develop a presence in Mexico and Latin America will be able to take advantage not only of the new facility but also the data protection offered by redundancy options within the SoftLayer network. The new facility has less than 25 ms latency from the existing Dallas SoftLayer data center and customers can take advantage of the free, unmetered bandwidth between the data centers on SoftLayer's private network, providing high performance options for backup, data protection, and business continuity.

Internally, the new facility uses the SoftLayer standard pod architecture, with 10 GBPS links; the full range of SoftLayer services, from bare metal to fully virtualized environments; and support for thousands of physical servers.

Salvador Martinez Vidal, general manager of IBM Mexico, described the new facility bringing "IBM Cloud's complete portfolio to the doorsteps of local customers, who can run workloads and applications in the cloud while taking advantage of in-country data and compute services, security, high-speed connections, and 24/7 support." IBM sees industry analysts predicting more than 25 percent growth in the area markets over the next three years.

With just over 200 ms of latency from the worldwide SoftLayer cloud, the Mexican facility is well positioned to provide global integration for local customers who look to expand their footprint beyond Mexico and Latin America.

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