IBM launches Cloud Private for Data; elite data science consulting team

IBM is bundling platforms and aiming to use its services group to speed up data science and AI deployments.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

IBM has launched a two data science and artificial intelligence efforts--an integrated private cloud stack and an elite consulting team--to speed up enterprise deployments.

On Friday, Big Blue expanded its plans to offer more pre-packaged and integrated data science tools with Cloud Private for Data. IBM's Cloud Private for Data is an integrated data science, engineering and app building platform.

Previously, Big Blue outlined plans to use machine learning to clean up data as well as a data science platform. Cloud Private for Data integrates data from Internet of things sensors, devices and e-commerce so enterprises can build applications for analytics. See:

IBM Cloud Private for Data includes tools from the company's Data Science Experience, governance, database and governance offerings.

As for the technical details, IBM Cloud Private for Data is an application layer deployed on the Cloud Platform's container- and micro service-based architecture. IBM added that Cloud Private for Data will run on multiple clouds and have versions for various industries.

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In addition, IBM launched the Data Science Elite Team, which is a group of consultants aimed at helping enterprises solve data science issues and move toward artificial intelligence. The team consists of data scientists, machine learning engineers and experts to optimize decision-making.

IBM's elite data science team is currently working with more than 50 clients and has more than 30 people. The data science team is included in broader engagements and drops in to offer three to four discrete deliverables in two to three weeks.

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