IBM, The Open Group form data scientist certification

IBM also said it will create a data science apprentice program as well as the data scientist certification for employees.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

IBM and The Open Group, a certification consortium, said they have launched a data scientist certification in a bid to formalize training for what represents one of the hottest career areas.

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The data science skill shortage has been a topic of discussion in recent years. A LinkedIn study reckons that more than 151,000 data scientist jobs go unfilled. While automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence may be able to alleviate the skills shortage more humans need to enter the field.

IBM and The Open Group will validate a data scientist certification that will gauge skills and qualifications. IBM said the certification will be available directly to its employees to provide new career paths. The cert will be based on project works, three levels of certification and badges.

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Big Blue also said that it has created an internal data science apprenticeship program. The program is 24 months and designed for candidates who may not have a college degree. The apprenticeship consists of education, mentorship and practical experience.

People who complete the apprenticeship and meet requirements will reach level 1 of The Open Group Certified Data Scientist rating.

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