Does the iPhone 7 come with dual cameras, and no home button?

Could these sketchy images offer a glimpse of Apple's next iPhone? Sources in China are claiming so. Caution: Rumors ahead.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor

Purported, and sketchy, images of Apple's next iPhone -- a device expected to be released in the second half of 2016 -- have leaked to the web, courtesy of Apple Insider.

The Apple-focused publication cautions that the images out of China could be a shell for testing purposes; even so, they could be a good representation of the "iPhone 7" based on rumors circulating.

The most believable image shows the rear of the purported device with dual-cameras. There are also reduced antenna lines compared to the iPhone 6s.

The image also shows the addition of a Smart Connector adjacent to the Lightning port, a feature first included on the iPad Pro tablet to connect accessories. We haven't heard this in the rumor-mill yet, but could make sense if Apple wants to improve accessories and cases for the handset.

Further, the dual-camera feature was highlighted on Monday in a series of posts on Chinese social networks. Rumors claim one camera is a 12-megapixel unit that shoots pictures at a standard focal length while another 12-megapixel camera will go telephoto up to three times.


Another set of sketchy images on Tuesday appear to show that Apple has removed the home button and has included Touch ID in the handset's glass. There's also no 3.5mm headphone jack -- something we've been hearing in the rumor-mill for several months.

Like most rumors out of the supply chain of Asia, we caution you to view the images with a grain of salt. We are still a ways off from an announcement and things could change.

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