Intel, Samsung working to push 4K monitor prices as low as $399

The companies are working with hardware partners to deliver 23.6-inch displays for under $400 and Intel Core-based all-in-one 4K PCs for $999 by the holiday shopping season.
Written by Sean Portnoy, Contributor

At the same time Intel was busy introducing new processors and SSDs at Computex last week, it was also unveiling a plan it's developed with Samsung to quicken the pace of 4K display adoption. The two tech giants are working with hardware partners to slash the price of ultra-high-resolution monitors and all-in-one (AIO) PCs in time for the busy holiday shopping season.

In particular, the hope is that firms like MSI and Viewsonic will introduce 23.6-inch 4K monitors for as little as $399 and similar-sized 4K AIOs using Intel's Core processors for $999. The target monitor price would be much less than what the cheapest 4K displays go for today — the new 28-inch Asus PB287Q 4K monitor, for instance, sells for $649.

Both companies have something to gain from the program, of course. Samsung would be the manufacturer of the panels used in the monitors and PCs, while Intel can cash in on its new processors' ability to handle 4K graphics. But increased 4K penetration in the PC market could also benefit the likes of AMD and Nvidia, both of whom sell graphics cards that can handle games making use of the ultra high resolution.

While the plan to cut the price of 4K displays sounds good in theory, there are a few monkey wrenches that need to be addressed. Most notably, there is limited content that makes use of all those extra pixels, especially once you leave the gaming realm. While more videos are being created and released in 4K versions with every passing day, it's still such a small percentage that non-gamers won't be clamoring to have Ultra HD.

In addition, a 24-inch screen doesn't truly provide the optimal viewing experience for 4K content, much in the same way that smaller sized HDTVs (32 inches and under) were never optimal for 1080p content. At least a $600-and-change 4K TV like the one from Seiko has 50 inches of screen size to display the 8.3 megapixels of Ultra HD. (Seiko also sells a 39-inch 4K HDTV for under $400, but that might not be an ideal size, either.)

We still have a few months to wait to see if any of Intel and Samsung's partners can make good on the cheaper 4K plan. Would you be interested in buying a 23.6-inch 4K monitor for $400 or a 4K AIO PC for $999? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

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