IonQ integrates platform with Qiskit quantum computing open source SDK

The move comes as quantum computing vendors are racing to leverage Qiskit to build out the software ecosystem.

IonQ CEO Peter Chapman on the future of quantum computing

IonQ said that it will integrate its quantum computing platform with Qiskit, an open-source quantum computing software developer kit.

The move comes as IBM has backed Qiskit as the quantum computing programming standard.

Specifically, IonQ's integration will make its 11-qubit system available to more than 275,000 users of Qiskit.

Quantum computing vendors are hoping to leverage the open-source community to create applications that can accelerate development. IonQ is available via Amazon Braket and Microsoft Azure Quantum.

A few key points:

  • Qiskit users can submit programs to IonQ's platform without writing new code.
  • Qiskit users with an IonQ account can run quantum programs IonQ's platform with little modification.
  • Zapata's quantum software platform Orquestra will integrate via a direct IonQ partnership as well as Qiskit.
  • IonQ will also release ad open-source provider library that integrates with Qiskit and is available through Github or The Python Package Index

IonQ recently launched its product roadmap and announced plans to go public