IonQ lands Softbank investment, strategic partnership

IonQ's partnership with Softbank Investment Advisors will expose it to a bevy of portfolio companies and industries.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

IonQ said it will partner with Softbank Investment Advisors to deliver quantum computing systems to Softbank's portfolio companies. Softbank Investment Advisors, which manages the Softbank Vision Funds 1 and 2, will also invest in IonQ.

The quantum computing partnership has the potential to expand IonQ's reach globally across multiple industries. Softbank Vision Fund 2 will invest in IonQ, but terms weren't disclosed.

For IonQ, the endorsement and connections from Softbank will come in handy. IonQ plans to become a publicly traded company via a merger with special purpose acquisition company dMY Technology Group, Inc. III.

IonQ CEO Peter Chapman said the Softbank partnership will allow the company to put its systems "in the hands of entrepreneurs, builders and problem-solvers around the world."

The company's 11-qubit system is available on Amazon Braket and Microsoft Azure. IonQ also has a 32-qubit system and plans to build out modular quantum computers small enough to be networked together in 2023.


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