iOS 10 adoption nears 15 percent after first day of availability

Users are installing iOS 10 faster than previous iOS releases.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer
Image (screenshot): Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

Despite a rough start, after just 24 hours of availability, 14.87 percent of iOS users have installed Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 10. Last year's iOS 9 release saw 12.42 percent of users after the same amount of time, according to analytics firm Mixpanel.

At this rate, Mixpanel expects iOS 10 to reach 50 percent of iOS devices on day 11, again beating out iOS 9's adoption rate, which reached the same mark after 12 days.

On Tuesday, shortly after Apple released iOS 10, users began to report installation issues. The update had "bricked" some devices, forcing users to use iTunes on a computer to complete the update. Apple issued a statement, acknowledging there was an issue within the first hour of availability, but it had since been resolved.

Based off of Mixpanel's numbers, the error was indeed fixed and users have been able to update without any issues. The company's chart is updated every hour with the latest adoption numbers and is viewable here.

In addition to security improvements, iOS 10 adds a healthy list of new features, including a redesigned iMessage app.

For example, developers can now create iMessage apps and sticker packs for users to send in a conversation, much in the same manner as Facebook Messenger, or send money through Square Cash without leaving the conversation. Gaming apps for iMessage enable turn-based games, such as Sea Battle (a Battleship-type game) that are addictive.

I would imagine part of the reason iOS 10 adoption is running a higher trajectory this year is due to iMessage apps, with users encouraging friends and family members to upgrade in order to share the same messaging experience.

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