iOS 9 expected to support Force Touch, just in time for iPhone 6s

After hearing rumors of the next iPhone having a Force Touch screen, it makes sense that iOS 9 will support the feature, helping developers remove buttons from their apps.
Written by Kevin Tofel, Contributor

New iPhone models will likely see Apple's Force Touch technology based on reported support for the feature in the next version of iOS.

9to5 Mac noted the upcoming inclusion of Force Touch in iOS 9, following analyst expectations earlier this month that the iPhone 6s, if that's what Apple calls it, will have a Force Touch display. Apple has already implemented Force Touch in it is new laptops and the Apple Watch.

The system simulates a physical button press on a display by registering the pressure of a touch and combining it with haptic vibration.

To many who use Force Touch on a laptop or the wrist, it feels like you're pressing a button inward even though the screen doesn't move. To others, this is simply Apple's implementation of the "long press" action found on Google Android devices.

That's a fair assessment and it's quite common for Apple to re-design an existing feature, function or interface method used by other platforms. The company then creatively markets such methods in a way for customers to think Apple invented it; a clever strategy.

Sources tell 9to5 Mac that Force Touch may be used with Apple Maps, adding Calendar events and in media players, to name a few potential uses. By adding contextual menus that appear with a hard screen press, Apple can quietly de-clutter its apps by removing option buttons and moving the functions to a pop-up menu accessed through Force Touch.

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