iPad 3 to come in March--maybe a 7" iPad, too

The iPad 3 is all but officially confirmed. What will it sport and will we see an iPad mini?
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

There are some features of the iPad 3 that we have been expecting for a while now. Most notably, the Retina Display. Well, the wait may soon be over with analysts and sources telling AllThingsD that the next iPad will be announced at an event the first week in March. Of course, it will probably sport a faster processor, too.

Other rumors have Apple coming out with an iPad mini. It would make sense for Apple to dip its toes into the 7" market, especially with the Kindle Fire tearing up the charts. That said, Apple doesn't conform so the company will probably invent a new category called the "micro tablet" or something, instead of coming out with a 7" one.

Apple has definitely made the tablet a must-have and competitors are following fast on its heels. And Apple isn't slowing down, with the iPad continuing to be insanely successful.

The only area where Apple could lose is the 7" market, but that's to be expected since the company doesn't have a device that competes in that space. It wouldn't be difficult for Apple to get into it, though, and given that people are still torn between the 7" and 10", it might make sense to finally break open that form factor, too.

Would you pick up a 7" iPad? Why or why not?

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