iPad becomes new aftermarket car DVD player

Use your iPad in your car and save $2000
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

At the Paris Motor Show, BMW was spotted showing off its new replacement for the rear-seat DVD screens: iPad cradles.

According to the blog AutoSpies.com (via CultofMac), the car maker will offer iPad cradles instead of its $2000+ rear-seat DVD units.

Not only is it a huge cost savings for the consumers, but as you can see from the photo below, the iPad offers a far superior viewing experience.


When we purchased our last car we opted for the factory installed DVD player. It cost a lot more than an aftermarket one, but it fit nicely into the car and was a small price to pay at the time of purchase. In the case of these iPad cradles, the built-in system is definitely interior to the iPad, so it makes logical sense for BMW to offer this as an alternative. Even so, I'm sure plenty of people will still opt for the factory installed option, since it's nice and integrated, and while it's no frills, it's also no hassle.

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