iPhone launches are boring because Apple has no competition

Apple is in competition with itself from a year ago.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer

So, there we have it, a new iPhone. The iPhone 13.

For for what is essentially the most powerful, most sophisticated smartphone in the world, the launch was boring.


Because Apple has no competition.

Nothing comes close.

Tech is exciting when companies are actively competing against one another. That's when we see real pushing back of boundaries. But what we saw today was an event where Apple was shadowboxing against an image of itself a year ago.

Because Apple doesn't have any serious competition.

It started with the iPad and the iPad mini. What are these devices competing against? Google Chromebooks? Microsoft Surface.


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And bear in mind that to wallop the Google and Microsoft in this space, all Apple needed to do was tweak the display and update the old processor with one that's less old.

Then we saw a new Apple Watch.

Undoubtedly the best smartwatch in the world. Problem is, the same can the said of the Apple Watch it's replacing.

It's already the best smartwatch in the world. In fact, there's nothing that comes close to it.

The we got the first official look at the new iPhone 13 line.

These are amazing devices that are head and shoulders above the competition, but the closest competition is the iPhone that Apple is already selling.

Even the iPhone event itself felt stale, with presenters repeating the same talking points about cameras, processors, and battery life.

It's clear that the only thing that's driving Apple forward is being better than the previous year.

That's all it needs to do.

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