Jawbone announces affordable UP Move and high-end UP3 activity trackers

Jawbone continues to launch compelling activity trackers and their two new products bound the spectrum of price and functionality.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Jawbone announces affordable UP Move and high end UP3 activity trackers
Image: Jawbone

Jawbone has been working to expand its services directly to smartphones so you don't need a dedicated tracking device. I thought the Jawbone UP24 would be its last device, but today we hear that Jawbone is rolling out the UP Move and UP3. One is designed for the entry-level market and the other for the fitness fan.

UP Move

We have seen many new low-cost fitness trackers, such as the recent Misfit Flash (see my review), and I think there is a real market here for those who have a passing interest in tracking their daily life. The new UP Move looks like the Misfit Flash or Shine with a round device that you can place in band or clips.

The UP Move is priced at just $49.99. It is made form anodized aluminum, comes in five colors, and has a replaceable battery that lasts up to six months.

While I really like the Misfit Flash at the same price, the killer here for Jawbone is that the UP ecosystem and application for your smartphone are fantastic.


Jawbone continues to update their wristband devices, which actually concerns me a bit. A coworker and myself have both had multiple band failures with both of the first two generations and my confidence in their bands is a bit shaky at the moment.

Image: Jawbone

The Jawbone UP3 looks to be an evolutionary update to the UP24, but with half the battery life. It is made of anodized aluminum and has a new fully closed clasp. One additional sensor is the continuous heart rate monitor, which is a big deal and is likely the cause of the battery consumption.

The UP3 will be available later this year for $179.99 and will work with both iOS and Android.

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