KIN gets software update--why?

Is Verizon pushing software updates out to a dead device?
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

Last month Microsoft and Verizon Wireless killed off the KIN. Now we've received word that a software update has been pushed out for the deceased device.

According to WMPowerUser, they noticed that the software version incremented to 1.0 build 2814.0, and that now Twitter avatars are showing up in the KIN loop, you can now link Twitter contacts to your KIN contacts, and more. The update seems to only focus on Twitter updates.

I'm left wondering what this new update really means. We had heard initially that Verizon Wireless was going to continue to sell the KIN and would also support it. Then we heard that Verizon was trying to send the units back. So, what's really happening now? It would seem that Verizon must have a backlog of software updates that it still has to test and release, since we know that the KIN team has been disassembled at this point.

If Verizon is still supporting the KIN, the updates make sense. However, I would think that the cost associated with testing, releasing and supporting these updates is far more than the company will ever make selling the discontinued devices.

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