Kindle Development Kit Limited Beta Program still moving forward

Amazon's Kindle Development Kit is still in beta and apparently developer interest is overwhelming the team
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

Back in January I wrote about how I was excited to see what developers would do with the Kindle. I also applied for the development program to see if I could start having my own fun. Since that time I haven't heard from Amazon nor the program representatives and pretty much thought it was a non-starter. Then last night I received an e-mail (picture below).

Apparently, the Limited Beta Program is still moving forward, but the developer community was so interested that it seems to have overwhelmed the company. As a result, the KDK team is

"... working closely with developers who have been given early access to the KDK"

I'm still excited to see what's going to be coming, but with the Nook now offering up games, a web browser, and more and the Kindle software version 2.5 coming in late May, and offering some PDF, Password, and Font improvements, and the ability to share book passages with friends on Facebook and Twitter, I'm still not jumping up and down with excitement on what the future of the Kindle may hold.

Do you know anyone with the KDK? I'd love to hear about experiences developing for it, though I would bet Amazon has probably locked those up under NDA at this point.

I think a cool update to the Kindle would be an App Store, even if there are just a few Apps initially available. At least it would show off the future possibilities of the Kindle.

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