LastPass brings free password management to all your devices

The company's free password manager is no longer locked to only one device you own.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

LastPass now allows users to set up password vaults across multiple devices and browsers for free.

On November 2, the password management company said that starting today, LastPass has upgraded the firm's free solution to include synchronization to multiple devices.

While users have always been able to use certain features for free -- such as password generation, secure notes, automatic saving, and password filling on one device -- this information can now be spread across any internet-connected device, which was once a premium-only feature.

Launched in 2008, Fairfax, Virginia-based LastPass offers password management solutions to both consumers and the enterprise. Catering to millions of users worldwide, the firm's ultimate goal is to make security less of a chore by offering software which stores complex passwords and auto-fills them for you -- without you needing to remember long strings of complex characters for your online accounts.

The update is available immediately on multiple devices and browsers.

"Today's reality is that people's digital lives are increasingly in the cloud -- and inherently span countless personal and work devices. We believe that to truly benefit from the security and convenience of a password manager, it should be available whenever and wherever you need it," said Joe Siegrist, VP and GM of LastPass.

"By offering LastPass for free across all your devices, we're making it that much easier for everyone to make good password habits the norm, while resetting the expectations of what a great password management experience should be in a multi-device world."

In January this year, the company released LastPass 4.0, which includes a feature that allows users to grant access to their password vaults to other parties with set time limits.

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