LastPass making changes to free service

You'll have to choose between accessing your LastPass account on your mobile devices or your computers.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Are you a LastPass Free user? The company has announced that changes are coming your way.

Currently, free users can access their LastPass account across device types, mobile, and desktop.

Starting March 16th, 2021, free users will only be able to choose between having access on their mobile devices (including mobile phones, smartwatches, and tablets) or their computers (including all browsers running on desktops and laptops).

On this date, free users will get the chance to choose between mobile and computers and will get three opportunities to switch the active device type to explore what's right for them.

LastPass explains the changes as follows:

  • Sarah is a Free user with Computers as her active device type. She can use LastPass on her laptop, desktop, and her dad's laptop (anyone's computer!), but she can't use LastPass on her phone, tablet, or smartwatch unless she upgrades to LastPass Premium, which has unlimited device type access. 
  • Steve is a Free user with Mobile Devices as his active device type. He can use LastPass on his iPhone, Android work phone, tablet, and smartwatch, but he can't use LastPass on his desktop or laptop unless he upgrades to LastPass Premium, which has unlimited device type access. 

Also, as of May 17th, 2021, email support will only be available for Premium and Families customers.

Don't like this? You can either migrate your passwords to another service or tool or pay LastPass the $2.25 per month (billed annually) for LastPass Premium. I've been a long-time LastPass Premium user, and I find the service to be very good. 

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