Lenovo outlines AI approach, plugs concept products like SmartVest

Lenovo said it will use AI in its products heavily and outlined a few concepts including a digital assistant, augmented reality gear, and smart clothing.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor on

Lenovo has said artificial intelligence will be a connective tissue for its products and highlighted concept products that include a digital assistant, connected health devices, and augmented and virtual reality platforms.

At Lenovo Tech World, the company highlighted its research efforts and Artificial Intelligence Lab, which now has 100 researchers. The company also pledged to get its "ABCs" -- algorithms, big data, and computing power -- right.

With its vision, Lenovo obviously was pitching its core devices, but it also highlighted enterprise and systems AI advancements such as smart cities.

The company is making use of concept products to highlight its vision. At Lenovo's recent Transform powwow in New York, the company highlighted its data center wares, a concept ThinkPad, and initial plans for smart offices.

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Concept products highlighted by Lenovo include:

  • CAVA (Context Aware Virtual Assistant) that uses face recognition and natural language processing to make recommendations.
  • DaystAR, an optical display with 40-degree field of view and hooks into Lenovo's AR platform.
  • SmartCast+, a speaker that delivers augmented reality experiences.
  • SmartVest smart clothing that uses 10 sensors and an ECG to monitor heart conditions.
  • And Xioale, a customer service platform used to solve tech issues and learn and adjust to conversations.

Separately, Lenovo launched its Yoga Book with two new colors -- Ruby Red and Pearl White. The Android Yoga Book starts at $499, while Windows runs $549. Both have availability in September.

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