LG CNS deploys AI facial recognition gate service

The solution will allow employees to pass through company gates without stopping.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

LG CNS has deployed a facial recognition gate control service that runs on artificial intelligence (AI) software at its headquarters in Seoul, the company has announced. 

The solution, made in collaboration with Chinese AI firm SenseTime, uses a designated reader that can identify a face, authenticate an employee, and open the gate, all within 0.3 seconds, according to LG CNS.

The company added that the facial recognition gate has an accuracy of over 99% and can identify faces two metres from its reader even if the person wears a mask, glasses, make-up, or positions their heads at an angle.

For example, a masked employee looking at their smartphone as they are passing by the gate will still be identifiable, LG claims.

Unlike other gate control services, employees will not have to stop or be required to use access cards, fingerprints, or iris scans, resulting in considerable time being saved. All that will be required for the solution to begin operations is for employees to be registered into the system, which entails the uploading of ID photos and consent.

Up to 50,000 pieces of facial data can be saved on each reader, LG said, and they can also operate without access to the internet. 

Also, all personal information will only be stored in the reader and the system for security.

The solution has already been deployed in 26 gates so far at LG CNS's headquarters, with the company hoping to eventually expand the new gate control service to up to 27,000 access points operated by LG CNS for 170 of its domestic and global clients. 

Prior to the new gate service, the company used gates that automatically issued cards for processing visitors.

The Korean IT service firm also has plans to work alongside SenseTime to apply AI technology to CCTVs as well, it added. 

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