​LG Display prepares POLED for cars and wearables

LG Display's E5 factory line will produce plastic OLED, or POLED, for foldable, bendable displays for use in automobiles, smartphones, and wearables, starting next year.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

LG Display has brought in equipment for plastic OLED, or POLED, to its E5 factory line to ramp up the production of displays for automobiles, smartphones and wearables, starting next year.

The display maker already produces small-sized OLED display panels mostly headed for wearables but the new equipment will boost production, allowing it to meet a diversifying demand.

LG Display will set up the line for the displays at the factory in Gumi, South Korea, within the year and start supplying them to clients in the first half of next year.

POLED uses plastic as substrate which is considered more malleable and durable than conventional glass, making it best for flexible display production and new usage.

Last year in July the company announced an investment of 1.05 trillion won and another 450 billion won this April, totaling 1.5 trillion won for next-generation OLEDs.

The company has a partnership with car maker Audi to supply folded OLED for use in the latter's cars. LG is a major supplier of LCD displays to Apple already, and may aim for the latter's OLED demand starting next year. Apple is rumoured to be preparing to adapt OLED for its next iPhone expected for launch next year, with Samsung reported to have clinched the supply deal.

Rising Chinese electronic makers in PC, tablets, and smartphones are widely adopting OLED and will likely be LG's primary targets.

A LG Display spokesman said the displays will service car makers and various IT and mobile businesses but declined to mention clients.

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