​LG G6 will have new UX that utilizes Full Vision display

LG will vastly upgrade the UX of the upcoming G6 with new multitasking, calendar, and camera features that utilize the 18:9 ratio Full Vision display and a new square GUI.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

LG G6 features will use the 1:1 Square GUI.

(LG Electronics)

LG Electronics' upcoming G6 smartphone will have a new UX that utilizes the 18:9 ratio Full Vision display, the company has said.

The South Korea tech giant on Thursday also posted a teaser on YouTube that highlights features available through the UX on the next flagship phone.

LG said the new UX offers better search and multimedia viewing. A camera UX that utilizes the 18:9 ratio display will be added, as will a new square GUI and multitasking feature, the company said.

Users will view new movies, apps, and games optimized for 18:9 ratio, and can alter 16:9 ratio content to fit the new screen. More information will be loaded on-screen during searches and e-book reading thanks to the wider viewing angle.

The new camera UX allows users to simultaneously take photos and view photos taken in a film format. A new feature, called Square Camera, also splits the screen into two, allowing users to take photos on one side and upload them to social media such as Instagram on the other.

Thanks to the new Square GUI, LG said, multiple old and new features will split the 18:9 screen cleanly into two 1:1 ratio squares.

Music player, address book, call menu, and calendar will all use the 1:1 Square GUI. For multitasking, users can load calendar on the left while working on documents on the right, LG said.

A new "food mode" will increase color saturation of food, LG said. In the gallery users can also group between two and 100 photos together to make GIF videos.

As previously announced, the G6 will come with a new Quad DAC with improved sound. The company also branded the phone's QHD+ 5.7-inch display "Full Vision".

LG touted the upcoming phone's bigger screen and more compact body in its official invitation for the unveiling event at Mobile World Congress.

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