​LG launches portable instant camera-printer hybrid

LG's Photo Pocket Snap is a hybrid of instant camera and portable printer that will allow users to print photos immediately after they take them.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

LG Electronics has begun sales of Pocket Photo Snap, its instant camera and portable printer hybrid, in South Korea.

The PC389 will allow consumers to take photos with its 5 million pixel camera and print out a copy of the photo on the spot.

The reprint button will also allow them to print out multiple copies to share with friends, unlike a conventional instant camera, LG said.

It is charged via USB Type-C and can print 30 photos at top charge. In Korea, it costs 249,000 won ($233) while the printing paper costs 25,000 won ($23) per 36 units.

Pressing the shutter button for 5 seconds will convert it to black and white mode.

The printer can also be connected with smartphone and tablets through Bluetooth to print out photos from other devices. It supports both Andoid and iOS.

Users can also download a photo editor app for Pocket Photo Snap to edit photos taken by the portable camera before printing them.

LG is preparing to launch its first flagship phone this year, the G7 ThinQ, this week.

Last week, LG Electronics posted sales of 15.12 trillion won ($14.1 billion) and operating profit of 1.1 trillion won ($1.03 billion) for Q1 2018.

The company's mobile division, however, saw an operating loss of 136.1 billion won. Mobile brought in sales of 2.16 trillion won, down from 2.99 trillion won in Q1 2017.


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