​LG to bring new UX 5.0 to G5

LG has unveiled the new UX 5.0, which adds a slew of new features for the soon-to-be-released modular G5 and its accompanying accessories.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

LG's G5 will come with the all new UX 5.0 mobile user interface, which will also feature on other LG smartphones to be released this year, the company has announced.

The South Korean tech giant unveiled the features of the new UX on its official Youtube channel in both Korean and English.

UX 5.0 comes with a feature called LG Friends Manager, an app that syncs and controls accessories that can be attached to the G5.

The app instantly recognises nearby Friends and allows users to choose which one it wishes to connect with the G5. It will automatically install the particular app needed to operate the different modules.

One such app is the Friends Camera Album for the 360 Cam and Rolling Bot, a 360-degree camera and remote controllable minibot that collects photos taken by the modules.

The camera function is improved with the new UX, which LG has been keen to add with every upgrade.

Auto Selfie takes photos by face recognition after a second without the need to click buttons. It is an upgrade of Gesture Shot added in the previous UX that allowed users to take photos by making a fist in front of the phone.

Multi View allows users to take three photos at once -- using both the dual-lens and front cameras -- and load them on the screen at the same time. With the LG 360 Cam module, they can also load the 360-degree photo at the same time. 360 Wallpapers allows users to put in backgrounds on panorama photos.

Pop-out Picture allows two photos taken with the rear camera to be overlapped on one screen. For example, one can be taken in black and white atop a larger, coloured photo to simulate that of a picture frame. Zoom In & Out allows users to switch between wide angle or regular angle by swinging the screen when taking photos with the dual-lens rear camera; and Film Effect allows users to configure the picture to look like it was taken with a old-school film camera.

Additionally, New Home allows users to install and delete apps on one screen, while Smart Doctor is an app and power maintenance program that automatically suggests apps to delete and offers advice to users on better battery management.

LG Health, a fitness tracking app, comes in two modes: Beginner and Advanced. Users start off as a Beginner and once they accomplish set goals it will automatically update to Advanced for harder goals.

File Manager simulates a PC UX for document management for users who prefer the old conventional method on their desktops. And LG Backup, a pre-existing backup program that allows users to transfer data to other smartphones, can be done now through NFC tendering. It can be used with non-LG phones.

"We analysed the lifestyle of smartphone users to provide a superior mobile experience and greatly expanded the usability with LG UX 5.0," said LG mobile chief Juno Cho in a statement.

The G5 has received a warm reception from the market since its unveiling last month and Korean analysts expect it to be the firm's bestselling smartphone so far.

LG held a developers conference for the phone and its accessories and plans to release its SDK and HDK for outside developers to play with.

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