LG to release SDK and HDK for G5, build own marketplace

LG has held its first developer conference in Seoul for the modular G5 and its accessories in a bid to build its own unique ecosystem around the new handset.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

LG will release software and hardware development kits for the modular G5 and its accompanying accessories LG Friends, the company has announced in its first developers conference in Seoul.

Under the theme "Play with Friends: Making a Playground Together", the company showed off its flagship phone and accompanying attachable modules, the LG Friends, in front of 400 participants who signed up to attend the conference.

Over 200 of the participants were from startups and small- to mid-sized businesses that showed interest in building software and attachable hardware for the G5.

"Since announcing the G5 last month, we have gotten higher-than-expected interest [on the smartphones and LG Friends]," said Juno Cho, LG's mobile boss. "Starting with the G5 and LG Friends, and with this conference, we will provide unprecedented experience to consumers."

LG has dubbed the community it wants to build as "LG Playground" and will publish the SDK and HDK for LG Friends at developer.lge.com sometime in April, the company said.

A dedicated open market website, lgfriends.com, where developers can buy and sell their own attachable modules for the G5, will open April 21. Any individuals and companies can sign up, the company said.

They also announced that they plan to make a developers program and idea competition for LG Friends going forward.

At the Mobile World Congress last month, Cho said that the tech giant plans to continue the modular concept for phones after the G5.

LG plans to kick off its second developer's conference in the US sometime next month.

Sales of the G5 and LG Friends are expected to start in Seoul March 31.

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