​LG to preview Android Oreo via V30 in Korea

LG V30 users in South Korea will be able to get a sneak peek of the upcoming Android Oreo by applying via the Quick Help app.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

LG V30 users in South Korea will be able to try out Google's upcoming operating system (OS), Android Oreo, ahead of the official update.

Those who use LG's latest flagship phone can apply via the Quick Help app, the firm's after-sales service app, by pressing on the LG OS Preview banner.

LG -- always one of the first vendors to get the latest Android OS updates -- will send a software update alert within the month and will automatically upgrade users' OS wirelessly.

Users can put in their reviews on the forum page within the app. LG said it will then apply user suggestions when it officially rolls out the latest OS in December.

Google, meanwhile, has released Android 8.1 developer preview for Nexus phones in the US ahead of the mass rollout in December.

LG's V30, despite high praise, is drastically behind Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 in terms of sales in South Korea.

Losses of LG's mobile business have somewhat narrowed in the third quarter, but the business is yet to turn a profit in 10 quarters.


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