LifeBEAM nabs $16 million to expand AI-based wearable fitness tech

LifeBEAM was founded by former Israeli air force pilots looking for new ways to monitor human physiology.
Written by Natalie Gagliordi, Contributor

Wearable fitness startup LifeBEAM has nabbed $16 million in venture financing to expand its product line for consumers.

LifeBEAM was founded in 2011 by former Israeli air force pilots looking for new ways to monitor human physiology.

The company first developed a sensor platform that could be integrated into fighter pilot and astronaut helmets in order to unobtrusively monitor health and performance. The tech was eventually picked up by NASA and the U.S. Air Force.

Since then LifeBEAM has released several consumer-focused biometric monitoring gadgets based on its hardware and software platforms designed to track things like heart rate, blood flow and oxygen saturation.

In 2013, LifeBEAM used crowdsourced funding platform IndieGogo to develop a sensor-laden bicycle helmut. The company also offers a sports cap that provides biorhythm collection for joggers by measuring heart rate, cadence and calories burned.

LifeBEAM, which is now based New York City, with R&D centers in Israel, Los Angeles and Asia -- says its hardware, analytics and software technology have been used in wearable products from Samsung, Under Armour and Elbit Aerospace.

According to LifeBEAM, the latest funding will be used to expand on a concept the company calls Awareables. It's an obvious play on words, but the company sees Awareables as a potentially new category of wearables that can deliver something akin to an AI-based personal fitness instructor to users of various wearable gadgets.

"This is another significant milestone to help us fully accomplish our Awareable vision," said Omri Yoffe, co-founder & CEO of LifeBEAM. "Our new product is designed to provide consumers with the most personalized and insight-driven workout experiences."

LifeBEAM said the recent funding round was led by Squarepeg Capital with participation from Wellborn VC, Cerca Partners, Atomic14 VC, Triventures VC.

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