LinkedIn intros salary comparison tool for job seekers

LinkedIn said the new salary-based feature is designed to help job-seekers decide if a potential new role is right for them, based on income potential.
Written by Natalie Gagliordi, Contributor

LinkedIn is bringing a new feature to its salary tool for job seekers that aims to provide more in-depth salary comparison between current and prospective jobs. Per its own data, about 70 percent of professionals want to know salary information before pursuing a job opening. With that in mind, LinkedIn Salary will now show users browsing job openings suggestions of "Jobs Where You Could Make More Money" within the job listing.

Launched in 2016, LinkedIn Salary is now a key feature in LinkedIn's portfolio of services for job seekers, and an important addition to its broader Economic Graph effort. The goal all along has been to expand the service so that it could offer precise recommendations on where to work, what to learn, and how to best evolve a career.

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To that end, LinkedIn says the expanded salary feature sits alongside its Your Commute and Premium Career Insights job-seeker services to offer a more comprehensive look at whether a potential new role is the next best step in someone's career.

"If the salary potential is your guiding light, you're not alone. In fact research shows salary to be the top factor that motivates you in your career, and one of the first things you're interested in learning about a role," Erika Hairston, associated product manager at LinkedIn, wrote in a blog post. "We introduced LinkedIn Salary to provide you with a reliable source of up-to-date information about the factors that impact the way you're paid, increasing transparency and helping you to have more informed conversations."

LinkedIn has worked to position the Salary service as an alternative to Glassdoor, the predominant supplier of information pertaining to company reputation and salary ranges. LinkedIn's advantage is that it owns the candidate database, which has helped bolster the service with more nuanced candidate data and sentiment. LinkedIn also continues to expand the availability of LinkedIn Salary, announcing today that it's now available in more than 10 countries around the world.

LinkedIn has also been building up its recruiter portfolio in recent weeks. Earlier this month the company announced that it rebuilt and moved all of its hiring products -- including RecruiterJobs and Pipeline Builder -- onto a single, common platform. Called the Intelligent Hiring Experience, the platform will tap into LinkedIn's existing data to infer useful information about open jobs and job seekers. The aim is to bring recruiters more qualified candidates and save them time. The new platform is launching this summer with more than a dozen new features.


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