LinkedIn unveils list of companies where its members want to work now

LinkedIn has published its list of the top 40 companies that are the best in the US at attracting and keeping top talent. And guess what? The top seven are in tech.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

The LinkedIn Top Attractors list has been published by the company. LinkedIn recognises that almost all companies are experiencing a tech-driven transformation. This means that companies are scrabbling to attract and retain top talent from across the jobs market.

It created its list based on the actions of its users. It looked at 'billions of actions' taken by its global network of over 433 million people.

It then scored and ranked the top companies in each region of the world, separating out countries such as Australia, Brazil, France, India, UK and the US.

Topping the US list is Google, followed by Salesforce, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon.

Uber comes in at number six followed by Microsoft at number seven, Twitter at number nine, and Airbnb at number ten.

When you look down the list, it is not surprising why tech companies lead the pack.

Employee perks are incredible; Google offers free food and on-site massages whilst Salesforce provides mindfulness zones and mediation spaces.

Facebook offers four month parental leave to all full-time staff, and Apple gives restricted stock units to most of its employees.

Amazon pays 95 percent of tuition fees for courses in non-work related fields, and Microsoft offers employees the chance to plot their own career path to becoming a specialist or generalist.

If you would like to stand out amongst the sea of applicants at these companies, take some advice from the companies themselves about what they look for during the hiring process.

If you want to work at Salesforce for example, then follow the behaviour of the best candidates who "enthusiastically express what makes [them] tick... and align [that] with the company's mission."

Make sure that you read up on the company before the interview. See what influencers in the industry are talking about and read what employees are sharing and posting.

Follow the company on LinkedIn, try to understand the company. All companies on the list want you to be prepared and demonstrate that you have done your homework on the company.

Think ahead and be organized for each job interviews, and make sure you are authentic and true to yourself.

Bring your own unique, individual perspective to the job interview and wow the employers that value employees with diverse skillsets and personalities. Make sure that you express your passion about the job

Of course LinkedIn notes that you will need to have a great LinkedIn profile too which reflects your personality, aspirations and skills; starting with a good photo - a virtual handshake to your future employer.

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