Lumia 928 advertising focuses on Nokia's strength in optics

Nokia is known for their optics and it is great to see them heavily promoting it in some new commercials for the Verizon Lumia 928. Will these commercials and targeted marketing plan resonate with consumers?
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Nokia is focusing devices and advertising on their strength in optics

I met with Nokia here at CTIA 2013 and while there are no new hardware announcements, there was a major HERE Maps update, I did get a chance to try out the Lumia 925 and use the 928 to take photos during the show.

With the 928 and 925, we will have a high end Lumia WP8 devices on three of the four major US wireless carriers and it appears that Nokia is on the right track.

Nokia has always excelled at optics so I am very pleased to see them so actively promoting their optic technology in commercials and online videos.

Their camera technology has always set them apart and it looks like they are doing all that they can with the Windows Phone platform they decided to run with. Beyond the hardware, Nokia offers applications that let you do something with the photos after they are captured.

In my experiences, very few "normal" smartphone users do much with their photos after they capture and share them. Nokia offers several applications to help you differentiate and make your photo experience unique with even more coming on the 925 and the Smart Camera app that brings many of the current utilities together.


When I saw the Nokia Lumia 925 launch event in London, I thought it looked like a decent device with the 928 likely being a better device and no real reason to get a 925 over the current 920. Now that I have held the device, I think the people who wrote that it may be the best WP8 device just might be correct. The aluminum frame feels great in your hand with the smooth polycarbonate back panel offering a nice contrast. I like the way the buttons are prominent and easy to find and press.

With the additional lens and latest camera software it is also the best Lumia for capturing content. I was down on the lack of wireless charging, but the back plate option is a good solution and gives you the ability to add a splash of color if you want. I may be buying a Lumia 925 for T-Mobile when it launches, but it's tough to give up my HTC One now that I have accessories connected to it that make my life more complete.

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