McAfee Enterprise and FireEye are now called Trellix

Symphony Technology Group companies gain a new name after merger.
Written by Chris Duckett, Contributor

During 2021, Symphony Technology Group (STG) picked up McAfee Enterprise for $4 billion in March, and followed it up in June with a $1.2 billion purchase of FireEye.

With the merger of the two cybersecurity firms completed in October, the companies have been given a new name.

The name is Trellix, and STG said the business will focus on threat detection and response using machine learning and automation. Citing the humble trellis as inspiration, Trellix will develop what is being coined as "living security -- security technology that learns and adapts to protect operations from the most advanced threat actors".

Not all of McAfee Enterprise is bundled into Trellix, with the secure service edge portfolio, which includes cloud access security broker, secure web gateway, and zero trust network access set to be separated later this quarter.

Trellix is said to have a combined customer base of 40,000, about 5,000 employees and almost $2 billion in revenue.

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