Meta's new AI chatbots let you ask celebrities your most burning questions

The new interactive chatbots are inspired by actual celebrities and influencers, including MrBeast, Tom Brady, and Snoop Dogg.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
Meta AI Personalities

On Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at Meta Connect to announce the company's latest hardware, including the much anticipated Meta Quest 3, and, of course, a slew of AI announcements. 

Typically, tech giants make very similar announcements regarding generative AI, but surprisingly, Meta introduced something just as exciting and practical: AI chatbots with different personas. 

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Meta presented its concept of "Different AIs for different things" which will allow users to either access or build different AI chatbots to address different tasks they need help with. 

Although the build-your-own aspect is not yet available, Meta for now has created several fun chatbots that users can begin using today The AI chatbots represent different personas and personalities that can help with specific tasks. For example, a user can chat with a sous chef, an editor, or a physical trainer to seek cooking, writing, and fitness advice, respectively.

To make the AI chatbots more appealing, the company will allow users to chat with characters played by famous celebrities, too, starting with a beta release today. 

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For example, if a user wants to stay in shape, they can chat with Victor, played by former pro basketball player Dwyane Wade, who can create workout plans and encourage them to meet their fitness goals.

Other celebrities featured in these models include Snoop Dogg, Tom Brady, Naomi Osaka, LaurDIY, Chris Paul, Paris Hilton, Kendall Jenner, and MrBeast. 

Meta AI Personalities Demo

Although these interactive AIs don't have access to real-time information like the new Meta AI platform, they serve the purpose of making users actually want to use and interact with AIs through familiar and inviting personas and characters. Who wouldn't want to have an intimate conversation with Snoop Dogg?

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These chatbots will be available across all of Meta's chat platforms, including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Meta warns that these AIs will have limited databases for now, meaning some of the responses can be dated and, therefore, inaccurate.

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