Micron unveils super-fast, high-capacity PCIe enterprise SSDs

Looking for an enterprise grade PCIe SSD that can offer read speeds of 3GB/s and writes speeds up to 2GB/s? Take a look at the Micron 7100 and 9100 series SSDs.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Micron enters the enterprise NVMe flash drive arena in a big way with the 7100 and 9100 series high-speed, high-capacity NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory express) SSDs.

Micron 7100 series

The 7100 series SSDs come in enterprise-ready, low-profile M.2 and U.2 form-factors with capacities up to 1.92TB and are specifically designed for Big Data, hyper-converged, Open Compute, and virtualized environments applications because of their low power consumption (about half what a standard high-performance NVMe drive consumes) and low latencies.

Tech specs:

Micron 7100 series SSDs tech specs

Micron 9100 series

The 9100 series SSDs are offered in half-height, half-length (HHHL) and U.2 form-factors and feature power-loss protection and data path protection features to protect mission-critical data.

According to Micron, a single 9100 is up to 25 times faster than an array of 24 hard disk drives capable of 15,000 RPM. According to Micron, these drives are best suited for content delivery, database management, and high-performance computing.

Tech specs:

Micron 9100 series SSDs tech specs

Both lines are offered in a PRO and MAX version, designed for read-centric or mixed-use workloads respectively.

No endurance figures or prices have been published by Micron as of yet.

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