Microsoft is cataloging business apps available for Windows 10

Microsoft is offering an expanded Surface financing program for business users, as well as a new web site that is cataloging business apps available for Windows 10.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft has launched a new site, ReadyForWindows, that catalogs business applications available for Windows 10.


The site lists communications, education, financial services, health, manufacturing, media, public sector and retail app categories. It also lists all catalogued applications alphabetically.

The site appears to include applications that developers have built expressly for various Windows 10 versions. I don't believe it includes Win32 business apps that Microsoft is enabling developers to bring to the Windows 10 Store using the Centennial bridge. (I've asked Microsoft to be sure; no word back so far.)

Update (June 9): From a Microsoft spokesperson: "The goal of the site is to provide visibility and awareness of all the solutions that work on Windows 10 today, regardless of app implementation method, to help IT pros and BDMs (business decision makers) to understand what solutions run on Windows 10, and have been endorsed by publishers."

In other news potentially of interest to Windows business users, Microsoft is expanding its financing program for small- and mid-size business users who want to finance volume purchases of Microsoft Surface tablets and PCs.

The "Microsoft Surface Membership" program isn't brand new; it's an expansion of the previously available "Technology as a Service" program.

Surface Membership is a subscription-based program that is available through Microsoft Stores. It provides in-store and phone support, one-on-one personal training, financing, member discounts and more for the Surface 3, Surface Pro 4 and SurfaceBook.

"Get the latest Surface devices, accessories, support, and training for your business, starting at $32.99/mo.," says Microsoft's landing page for Surface Membership. Here's the membership benefits summary page.

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