Microsoft updates Windows 10X emulator for dual-screen devices

Microsoft has updated its Emulator and Emulator Image preview for Windows 10X, its Windows 10 variant for dual-screen devices, with a few new features.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor
Credit: CNet

Microsoft has released new versions of the Microsoft Emulator and Windows 10X Emulator image preview to the Microsoft Store. The updated versions include new updates to Windows 10X, the version of Windows 10 that Microsoft is readying for dual-screen devices, including some changes to the Win32 container.

Windows 10X, the OS variant formerly known as "Santorini"/"Windows Lite," will debut first on dual-screen devices like Microsoft's own Surface Neo. Microsoft released the first version of its 10X emulator and software development kit (SDK) to developers interested in getting a start on adapting and testing their apps on dual-screen, Windows 10-based devices on Feb. 11.

As of today, March 10, the Microsoft Emulator is now at version and the 10X Emulator Image, 19578. As of this update, Win32 apps running in the container now use the Windows 10X windowing model. This means they'll work better on smaller, dual-screen, touch-friendly devices, officials said.

The updated Microsoft Emulator now enables testers to get and install updated images from the Store. The latest 10X Emulator image no longer requires installation on a Windows Insider test machine; it can now be installed on Windows 10 version 17763 or higher. However, to use the Insiders Preview software development kit, testers still need a Windows Insiders OS release.

There are some fixes and other updates in today's refreshed 10X image, as well, according to the Release notes. An early beta version of File Manager, designed to work with OneDrive -synced files, is included in the build. Installing Visual Studio Remote Tools no longer prompts about Machine.config files during install. Known issues around emulator displays, LockScreen response, and apps running in Win32 Containers not displaying correctly are also mentioned in the updated Release Notes.

Microsoft officials have said to expect dual-screen Windows 10 devices running 10X, like the Surface Neo, to debut this holiday season.

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