Microsoft's Teams app is coming to the Microsoft Store

It will finally be available for download from the Store as of May 2022.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor
Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft is going to make its Teams app available in the Microsoft Store starting in May 2022. 

Microsoft officials added an item to the Microsoft 365 roadmap yesterday, April 20, which mentioned the Store availability. (Thanks to Neowin for pointing out the addition.) The roadmap item notes:

"Microsoft Teams app for work, school and life will soon be available to download from Microsoft store. This app will support work, school and consumer accounts on Windows 10 and Work or school accounts on Windows 11."

The reason the Teams apps for Windows 10 and 11 are described differently is because Microsoft decided to build into Windows 11 a Teams chat app for consumers. Although Microsoft officials have said there is only one Teams app for both work/school and consumers, there are actually -- and confusingly -- two. Anyone who uses Windows 11 and has two separate Teams icons on their taskbars can affirm.

As onmsft.com recalled, Microsoft did make a version of Teams available in the Microsoft Store at one point, but it was limited to running on Windows 10 in S Mode devices. Microsoft ended up pulling the app from the Store entirely.

Microsoft has been working on a "Teams 2.0" client, which will be a Webivew2 one rather than Teams' current Electron-based one. It's not clear if the Teams app that ends up in the Store next month will be the expected new Teams app or the same one that currently is available for download via the Web.

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