Minecraft community Lifeboat hacked; seven million accounts compromised

Minecraft fan community Lifeboat suffered a data breach in January leading to the leak of account data belonging to seven million users.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Operators of the Lifeboat Minecraft community have admitted to a data breach which exposed account data belonging to seven million users.


According to Motherboard, the community's website experienced a data breach which came to light after security researcher Troy Hunt revealed plans to add the leaked data to his " Have I been Pwned?" search engine.

Lifeboat runs servers for customised Minecraft Pocket Edition worlds, giving users the option to join in multiplayer games in different modes. To sign up, users need to connect to a Lifeboat server and sign up with a username, email address, and password.

The leak includes email addresses and poorly hashed passwords.

Users of Lifeboat were not told about the breach in January. Instead, the operators of the Minecraft community chose to enforce a quiet password reset instead.

In related news, investigators recently disclosed that the Bangladesh Bank cyberattack, leading to the theft of almost $1 billion, was caused by lax security and poor defense practices.

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