Mozo accessories for Surface Pro, laptop, and Apple iPhone 7 Plus: hands-on

Mozo is a mobile tech accessory creator from Finland an offers compelling accessories for a variety of phones and laptops. It is an official partner of Microsoft, Fujitsu, Moomin Characters, Nokia and Eve-Tech
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Back when I owned a Nokia Lumia 950 XL, I wanted to purchase a cool Mozo cover that replaced the default cover, but stock was extremely limited. Mozo sent along three black accessories for me to test out; the Surface Pro 3/4 Folio, iPhone 7 Plus back cover case, and 13 inch sneaker sleeve.

Surface Pro 3/4 Folio

The Surface Pro 3 and 4 are excellent, portable computers and I use my Surface Pro 4 as my primary home office computer while also taking it on every business trip. If you want to dress up your Surface Pro 3 or 4 and use the dock accessory, then you may want to check out the Surface Pro 3/4 Folio case.

The Folio case is designed for you to use regularly with your Surface Pro device. There is embedded adhesive tape in a couple places on the back that also support repositioning of your device. The tape holds your Surface Pro securely in place.

The bi-cast leather, aka PU, looks very professional and comes in black or brown. There is some styling on the case with different textures to give it a unique look and help you grip your Surface Pro too. The material is hardened so that your display is protected as well.

A five inch flap on the front wraps around to the back, over the camera opening, and secures with magnets to hold things together. All side ports are accessible with this wrap around design.

There is room for you to secure your Type Cover onto your Surface Pro and then close the keyboard and your Surface Pro inside the Folio case. There is only one angle supported by the Folio so there are some limitations on its use with your keyboard.

I use, and prefer, the older Surface Pro docking station so that I can easily use a dual screen setup and thus this particular Folio case is not ideal for my use case as it does not fit into this older docking station.

The Mozo Folio for Surface Pro 3 and 4 is part of the Designed for Surface program. It weighs in at 300 grams and is available now for EUR49.90 (about $55 USD).

Apple iPhone 7 Plus back cover case

I've been using the Mozo back cover case on my Apple iPhone 7 Plus for the last couple of weeks and absolutely love this case. It offers very little size to my iPhone, while giving it an incredibly professional look and feel of genuine leather on the back and sides of my iPhone.

Mozo provides soft felt lining inside to protect your iPhone from scratches and the cover case snaps on very securely to your iPhone 7 Plus. The leather extends down each side and the top with large openings on the bottom, left side, and right side for all ports, openings, and buttons.

The front is raised just slightly above the display so your screen is protected when you set it face down on a table. All four corners are covered, which is a critical area to protect when your phone is dropped.

My iPhone feels fantastic in this leather cover case and it jumped to the top of my favorite list. It is available now for EUR34.90 (about $38 USD). It is available in black leather, black walnut, light oak, and white leather.

Mozo accessories for Surface Pro, laptop, and Apple iPhone 7 Plus: in pictures

Sneaker sleeve for 13 inch laptops

Since the Surface Pro Folio doesn't work with my dock solution, I can carry my Surface Pro 4 in the Sneaker Sleeve case that is designed for 13 inch laptops. It is also available for EUR49.90 (about $55 USD) in black.

The Sneaker Sleeve is made of the same PU material with a couple of different textures. It looks professional and stylish.

There are two zippered compartments on the sleeve case with the main compartment having an interior pocket that can hold your tablet, pen, or cables. The outer zippered compartment can be used for your wallet, business cards, or other materials. The zipper is built quite stout and looks like it will last forever. The interior is lined with cotton canvas to protect your devices too.

There is a layer of textured rubber material on the bottom to protect the bottom of the sleeve case if you set it down on a floor while at the office or meeting. The lower portion of the sleeve has a smooth, matte finish while the upper portion has a textured leather look.

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