Naver to make user reply history public to curb malicious comments

New users will also have to wait a week before they can make a post on the search portal.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Naver will allow people to access the reply history of users that post on its news section starting Thursday in an attempt to curb malicious comments, the company said.

The South Korean tech firm, which operates its namesake search portal, said users' reply history on its news sections will be made publicly viewable. The total number of replies and likes the user has received will also be published. 

Any comment or reply that the user has deleted themselves within the past 30 days will also be viewable.

Previously, users could choose whether to make their comment history public or private.

In addition to this change, new subscribers to Naver will have to wait a week before they can post comments on the search portal's news section.

The changes to the visibility of comments posted on Naver's news section are aimed at lessening malicious comments and attempts at online abuse, Naver said.

Earlier this month, the South Korea search giant suspended users' reply function on its celebrity news section in response to the high-profile suicides of various K-pop stars who reportedly struggled with online attacks and comments from internet trolls. 

Naver said it also has plans to eventually adopt artificial intelligence software to filter malicious replies in the future. 

If you or anyone you know in South Korea needs help contact one of these services:

  • 112 and 119 are the national emergency numbers for police and ambulances in South Korea.  
  • Ministry of Health and Welfare Call Center: 129 
  • Mental Health Center Crisis Counseling: 1577-0199
  • Korea Suicide Prevention Center: +82 2-2203-0053  

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