Nest co-founder Matt Rogers is leaving Google

Rogers' move comes a day after Nest was absorbed by Google's hardware team to co-develop products.


Matt Rogers, co-founder of smart home gadget maker Nest, is leaving parent company Google.


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Rogers' move follows a day after Alphabet reshuffled Nest into Google's hardware unit after operating as a standalone unit. He was Nest's chief product officer.

Rogers, who founded Nest with Tony Fadell, will stay at Google through Nest's transition and help define its 2019 roadmap. After, he will devote time to his venture firm.

Rogers told CNET in a statement:

After almost nine incredible, intense years working to build Nest, I've decided to begin my transition to dedicate more of my time to, as well as to start thinking about the next adventure. In the coming months, I'll be working closely with Google's Hardware leads to define the 2019 roadmap and to ensure a smooth integration of Nest into Google's Hardware group.

Nest has been an amazing journey and the honor of my career to build. Together with the Nest team and our partners, we've helped save over 19 billion kWh of energy, helped save a number of lives - both human and pets - with Nest Protect, and helped families feel more safe at home with Nest Secure and Nest Cam. And along the way, we managed to build the leading brand in the connected home space. I could not be more proud of what we have accomplished and can't wait to see what's next for Nest.

Nest has shipped more than 11 million products, including smart thermostats, smoke detectors, and security products, since first becoming available in 2011, Nest CEO Marwan Fawaz said earlier this week.

The reuniting with Nest make it easier for Google to add artificial intelligence software like Assistant into new Nest products.