Netflix leads the most successful Facebook brands in 2018

Social media gets a lot of attention throughout the year, but which are the most loved brands on the Facebook platform?
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Although we have been flooded with news that people are turning away from Facebook, the numbers do not seem to stack up with relation to our interactions with brands.

Our response to branded content on Facebook seems to be increasing across the global platform, according to new data for 2018.

AI-powered social media marketing platform Socialbakers looked at Facebook throughout 2018 and has given some insight to which brands are the most successful amongst Facebook users around the world.

2018 saw a large increase in items shared –- and the US leads the way in sharing content, followed by the UK  and France.  We are also sharing more than we did in 2017. 

Netflix leads Most successful Facebook brands in 2018 zdnet

Americans also lead the way in the amount of Facebook Love reactions for the second year, ahead of France and Brazil.

Netflix is the Number one brand in the US in terms of brands with the most "loved" content.

It received two million "loves" in 2018.  It also had the most shared post on Facebook worldwide.

Netflix leads Most successful Facebook brands in 2018 zdnet

It posted on Aug. 26, talking about Adam Sandler's new comedy show: Adam Sandler 100 percent Fresh.

The post received over 1.3 million shares and almost 2.4 million interactions. 

Pop culture collectibles company Funko ranked second in the US,  and girl-empowerment page A Mighty Girl ranked third in the US
Facebook pages get a lot of love across the world. In the UK, the celebrity clothing brand Pink Boutique had 754.000 likes in 2018. 

The UK also tends to comment and interact with branded content rather than just giving a reaction to the post.  The most commented post in 2018 was from Brazil.

Netflix's regional page La Casa de Papel had over 287,000 comments in 2018.

In France, Facebook users tend to "haha" more than any other company, whereas Japan keep things cool by giving a thumbs up like rather than any other reaction.

Its not a surprise to see that different countries and cultures react in different ways to content. 

Interactions and shares differ by country and brands need to be aware of this when creating their content plan for Facebook. And make sure their social analytics program is completely up to scratch.

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