Nomad's MagSafe Mount solves an annoying problem with Apple's new iPhone charging tech

Tired of having to peel Apple's MagSafe charger off the back of your iPhone 12? Check this out.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer
Nomad MagSafe Mount
Image: Nomad

Apple's MagSafe platform for the iPhone 12 seemed like a gimmick when it was announced, but it has quickly become a feature that provides meaningful functionality. Whether it's a case, wallet that attaches to the back of your phone, a car mount, or a wireless charger, MagSafe is surprisingly useful

There is one potential annoyance, however, with any stand-alone MagSafe charger: In order to remove the charger that's magnetically attached to the back of your iPhone, you have to peel the charger off of your phone after you pick it up. 

If you'd rather treat the MagSafe charger like a standard wireless charging pad, then Nomad's latest accessory is for you. 

The $49.95 Nomad MagSafe Mount gives you a place to attach your MagSafe charger, which is held in place thanks to a tight fight and some "micro-suction" tape. The Mount is made from a solid block of stainless steel and is very heavy. Seriously, after opening the sample Nomad shipped me, I weighed it. The Mount weighs 24 ounces, or right at 1.5 pounds. It's heavy. 

The weight ensures you can pick up your phone and the Mount won't budge. Not only does the mount stay in place, but it converts the MagSafe charger into a more traditional wireless charger pad. But instead of having to worry about properly lining up your phone, the MagSafe magnets hold your phone in place and line up the charging coils. 

If the Nomad MagSafe Mount seems like something you can't live without, you can order one right now directly from Nomad.

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