Switch between Apple and Android? This cable fits microUSB and Lightning ports

Those of us with both Apple devices and those from other vendors with microUSB connectors should check out this cable with a connector that works with all of the devices.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Apple insists on using proprietary connectors to force us to buy its expensive cables. The Lightning cable is the latest example of this practice since just about everyone else's devices use microUSB cables. Those of us with several gadgets have to have both a Lightning cable and a microUSB cable with us when we travel.

This isn't a huge problem but it means keeping track of an extra cable, exposing the possibility of getting to the destination and discovering that one or the other cable has been left at home. It would be nice if one cable could handle all of the devices no matter who makes it.

Addressing this situation is the premise behind the LMcable and the Kickstarter campaign bringing it to market. This heavyweight cable has a full size USB connector on one end and a connector on the other end that fits both Apple equipment (Lightning) and devices using microUSB.

The special design has a single connector that plugs into Apple gear, and by flipping over the connector it then fits into any microUSB device. The LMcable works with virtually every mobile device on the market. Throwing the one cable in the bag means you can charge anything you have with you. Making that even easier is the leather strap with snaps to keep the cable neat in the bag.

Lightning cables are dangerous when they get frayed, and the makers of LMcable claims it's 10 times more durable than regular cables, so it will help users escape the breaking of Lightning cables that seem to happen frequently. The metal connector cover deals with the requirements of regular use.

The LMcable is funded and is expected to ship in April. It will cost about $15 to pledge funds which gets one cable, and time is running out to get in at this low price.

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